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Sarah Greenfield, RD, CSSD


I studied nutrition at Penn State University and began my career soon after at a hospital in Los Angeles. There, I worked as a dietitian within health care as an integral part of patient care teams, accompanying doctors on rounds – in the ICU and trauma centers. I also provided outpatient counseling in a digestive disease clinic, wound care clinic and geriatric center. One of my most valued accomplishments in the healthcare setting was starting a garden at St. Francis Medical that allowed us to provide low-income families with locally grown fruits and vegetables.

My love for public speaking has put me on the same stage as Bill Clinton at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Leadership Summit and on camera with David Wolfe, the renowned raw food expert. I have been on TV with Lester Holt of NBC, Lori Corbin of KTLA and the live KTLA morning show with Gayle Anderson. I love nutrition and empowering people to make healthy changes in their lives—whether it’s on TV or coaching people individually. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to working with you! Read more

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    Maral Y.

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    Sarah is so sweet! She agreed to meet with me to go over any questions that I had. She was thorough, sweet, funny, and caring. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Sarah for being so patient and willing to answer all my questions!! I learned a lot from our short meeting :)

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    Jasmin B.

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    **MUST CHOOSE THIS DIETITIAN! Sarah has been changing lives actively throughout the years one meal at a time, including MINE. If you want a committed, compassionate, and knowledgeable partner in nutrition, she is it!

    3 years ago Sarah was my dietian who worked tirelessly to improve my overall health through what I was eating. I was on the limit of type 2 diabetes which was a common family condition. I was also overweight and severly drained. However after being introduced to Sarah and applying her guidance and knowledge, I was able to conquer. No more diabetes and 35 lbs less! 3 years later I still have more vigor and utilize all that Sarah supported me in.


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    Marc H.

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    Sarah Greenfield, aka. Fearless Fig is a great nutritionist who really helped me out by picking a good nutrition plan for me. … Sarah's approach was comprehensive and tailored to my needs, and simple.

    … Sarah helped me identify a plan that was:

    - High in protein to help build and maintain muscle
    - High in fiber to prevent fat buildup around my tummy
    - Voluminous enough to keep me fueled throughout the day without eating heavy
    - Sequenced so that I'm eating the right things at the right time of day (reducing carbs before bed was a big help)
    - Had a minimal amount of groceries required to prep

    … I'd definitely recommend her or at least checking out what she posts. …

    In contrast, Sarah was straightforward, simple, and low-cost. I'd definitely recommend her :)

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