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Solatube lighting

Solatube Daylighting Systems have changed the way people think about residential daylighting by offering a simple, smart alternative to traditional skylights. Only Solatube Daylighting Systems use innovative breakthrough technology to bring natural light into virtually any room in only two hours. Our Brighten Up Series has transformed millions of homes – without the cost, leaks, and hassle associated with traditional skylights. Read more

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    No leaks!!! Their reps recommend various lighting solutions. We chose Solatubes to naturally illuminate a dark room with a high ceiling when we didn't want to hand more lights or interfere with the architectural beauty of the room. The figured out how many we needed -- and what we could "get by with," as well, where they should be, and what would work best. We weighed the options and our budget together. Their installer was efficient and does an excellent job. No marks on the ceiling. Did the work when they said they would. Underestimated the length of piping needed and didn't charge for their mistake. They simply apologized and did the work. I hope we can install more of them and would call Daylight Asheville to do the work.