Dallas Grease Trap Services
Bernardo Guerrero

Commercial Cleaning

Dallas Grease Trap Services provides the entire Dallas area with grease trap cleaning services that won't leave you emptying your bank accounts. We operate a large number of pump trucks, some of which are large enough to service high capacity grease interceptors and others fully capable of handling smaller jobs like grease traps in car garages. We will even work to cater our services to your schedule.Our highly talented service technicians will meet with you on-site to go over your typical usage and help you figure out how often your units should be cleaned moving forward. Keep in mind that we do not service any septic systems, just grease interceptors and grease traps. If you are in need of a specialist in that field within the Dallas metro area, we would be glad to be of service to you. Feel free to get in touch at your convenience. Read more