We know SEO, and we know it well

You most likely have a website. And that’s ok — if your customers already know your web address! But having a website isn’t enough to compete on Google anymore. The reason why you’ll likely see Yelp listings before an actual restaurant’s website, or Amazon listings before the product’s own manufacturer, is because those companies — Yelp and Amazon — know SEO. And so do we. So for your business, we offer that same ultra-boosted SEO technology that drives customers searching for professionals like you up the search rankings (of course, for free).

Why us?

Our founding team spent years at Google, working on projects including AdWords, AdSense, Search (Video and Local), YouTube, and mobile (iOS, Android, and Responsive Mobile Web).

Mobile, mobile, mobile

Mobile is Google’s #1 focus for ranking. Not only does your site have to display well on a variety of devices, but it also needs to be fast — and we take care of that.


Not only do you need to have great content that renders well on all mobile devices, but you also need to display that content quickly. Websites that take more than one second to load will be significantly demoted in Google’s search rankings. Our system, utilizing a CDN with over 30 data centers around the world, and loading techniques that please Google’s algorithms, ensures that no matter how many images you load into your work portfolio, no matter how much text you put in your description, your page loads fast — on mobile and desktop alike.

Structured data

The web has changed a lot in the past 10 years, and it’s much more about making the machines communicate efficiently.  With the focus on AI (artificial intelligence), Google has put a lot more focus on the knowledge graph and structured data (i.e. JSON-LD format). The underlying format of your site needs to talk to Google’s AI robot crawlers in a way that your friend who knows HTML (no offense to your friend, of course) likely isn’t familiar with anymore.

Quality Content

Recent Google updates have put a lot of content farms — businesses that just pump keywords on to pages hoping to increase search ranking — out of business. It’s no longer sufficient to just have good titles and keywords. Those days are gone. It’s especially important for small businesses to list their services provided and reviews. Since Recommended is all about you, your customers’ recommendations, and your work, your profile is the quality content that boosts your ranking.