Designed for all devices

Look great, everywhere

When you set up your profile on Recommended, we take care of all of this . So, this is just the “what is it” part.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “responsive design” before, maybe not. What it means is this: Your profile looks great, everywhere. That means on any size display, whether it’s an iPhone, an Android tablet, a laptop, or a 32” display, your profile, your work, your contact information, and your recommendations lay out perfectly for that screen. All you need to do is…nothing. We do it for you.

You may have a company website, and maybe it works on mobile, but was it actually designed to work on mobile? There’s a big difference. Responsive design means that your website provides optimal information and changes layout for whatever device your customers are using.

But more importantly, Google pays attention. Google now ranks mobile-optimized websites higher than their non-optimized counterparts. That means when someone searches Google for your profession, your Recommended listing ranks higher in the search results because it’s mobile-optimized. No matter how much a competitor spent on their website or how they rank on Yelp, Google cares more about mobile optimization than anything else.