Easy customization & themes

Recommended gives your profile and work a clean, responsive layout that gets out of the way of your brand and work — while giving you the ability to customize your logo, banner image, colors, and more.

Your own logo and header image

As you build your professional reputation, you’ll want to make sure your online presence stays in sync with the rest of your business. With your own logo and header image in the masthead of your profile, you can make a great first impression.

You want your business to be recognized right off the bat. You’ve probably already developed a logo, and maybe you have a nice headshot of yourself. You can upload your own logo, profile picture, or avatar, using all popular image formats.

Additionally, adding a banner image, a header photo, to the masthead of your profile. You can use whatever you want for this to build a fast emotional connection with your audience. For example, a realtor may use a picture of a highlight property, a consultant may use a picture of an engaging meeting, or a photographer may use a picture of an incredible landscape.

Our tools allow you to easily crop your logo or header image if your existing files don’t fit the target frame. Even if you’re not a designer, you can still get your profile customized and up and running right away.

Choose your theme color

While maintaining a modern design that represents your business well, Recommended allows “theming” and color customization. You can choose a color palette that reflects your own branding or personal taste. Recommended provides a variety of theme colors to choose from — so you can really make your profile feel like it’s your own.