Embed Recommendations on Your Website

Lately, we’ve shared a lot of announcements of new features available on your Recommended profile. Today, we’re focusing on a feature for your website: an embeddable widget with your recommendations.

embeddable recommendations widget

See how the design firm Commite shows off their recommendations on their website, above? You can do this, too — no web developer required. Here’s how.

Create your recommendation widget

Go to your profile page and click on “Edit your profile.” Then select “Recommendations” in the left menu.

embeddable recommendations widget

Click on “Embed on your website.”

embeddable recommendations widget

Here you’ll find three widgets: Simple, Rich, and Responsive. We recommend the Responsive widget, which is the most popular one. It automatically adjusts its height and width on your website to look great on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.

embeddable recommendations widget

Note: This article focuses on embedding the Responsive widget, but rest assured it’s just as easy to embed one of the other two styles, if you prefer them.

The Responsive widget displays a set of your favorite recommendations in “tile” form. The first tab shows you the preview of how the widget will appear on your website.

embeddable recommendations widget

You can handpick the recommendations you wish to display under “Organize recommendations.” Select the recommendations to show in the widget, and set your favorite to “Pin to top.”

embeddable recommendations widget

Under “Select widget options,” set the width and height. Or, leave the width blank, and the widget will automatically adjust to the width of your website, making it easy for customers to view recommendations whether they’re browsing on their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

embeddable recommendations widget

Next, choose the number of recommendations to display. If you have 10 or fewer, all recommendations will be displayed by default, as space allows.

Finally, choose whether to display the “Write a recommendation” module, which appears as the last section in the widget. It encourages website visitors to write you a recommendation. This section is displayed by default.

All set? Great! Copy the code snippet and paste it into the pages on your website where you want to show off your customers’ praise.

embeddable recommendations widget

Pro Tip: Wondering where to place the widget on your website? There are three key areas of your site where customers will look for recommendations or testimonials:

  • The homepage, where first impressions are paramount
  • The services page, where customers are building interest in hiring you
  • The testimonials page, if you have one


Real business example

Remember how Commite chose the Responsive widget to show off their recommendations? See it live on their website here.

embeddable recommendations widget

For more tips for getting the most out of your Recommended profile, check out the Getting Started Guide for Professionals. Or, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

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