Introducing Work

You’ve filled out your profile so new customers can find you more easily. You’ve requested recommendations from past customers, so new customers know you’re the best around. Our goal at Recommended is make your reputation shine, so we’ve added a free portfolio tool, Work, to help you shine even more.

Now you can show off your work

  • 100% free, forever. no strings attached
  • Unlimited uploads of images/photos, videos, audio, and documents
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, blog links, articles, and your own uploads
  • Easily import your photos and videos from Facebook and Instagram
  • Organize by collection or project
  • The only portfolio that offers custom layouts per project
  • Fully responsive, designed for both desktop and mobile
  • SEO-Optimized, so people searching for you can find your work easily

Unlike other portfolios that charge $10 or more per month, your portfolio on Recommended is 100% free. Photos display beautifully, and videos and sound tracks play right on the page. Combine any or all of these in one project to showcase your work from every angle.

How Work works

Adding your work

To add your work, head on over to the Work section of your profile. We’ve made it easy to add your first project. From there you can create Collections, such as “Landscapes” or “Marketing”, and organize your work within there.

Changing the layout

Recommended’s Work is the first portfolio platform that gives you individual control over the layout of your projects. You can select from one of four layouts – Big, Medium, Dense (“Pinterest-style” or “Masonry”, as it’s properly known), or Thumbstrip. This lets you get everything from a lot of little images on the page to big full-width images, depending on the kind of work you’re showcasing.

Sharing your work with others

Your work lives proudly at

Once you get at least one project in there, you can

  • Add that link to your website
  • Add it to any social media account
  • Share it with potential clients considering you for projects

And, as with all things Recommended, just like your recommendations, you own what you put here. We’re just building a great way for you to show it off, get more customers, and spend less time on the admin side of your business.

Who is Work for?

Work is for everyone, from sound designers to marketers to animators to photographers to freelance engineers. Supporting images, movies, audio, articles, documents, and links, you can build an incredibly clean, well-designed presentation of your work in just a few minutes. If you have any material, whether it’s visual, textual, or linkable, potential customers want to know about it.

Why Work?

What we found is that while it’s great getting recommended for your work — which nearly all of you are — potential customers want to learn a bit more about that work before hiring you. There are options out there, ranging from Squarespace to Adobe Portfolio to Wix, but they all either cost money or too much time. We wanted to make a solution that cost neither of those things, and did a great job along the way.

Work has just rolled out across Recommended and is optimized for both desktop and mobile use. Give it a try and send us a note or tweet to let us know what you think.