Chicks Climbing and Skiing

Guided Outdoors Trips for Women

Our mission is to educate and empower women through mountain sports, to develop community and foster environmental stewardship. We accomplish this by providing the highest quality of instruction and educating women on best practices and techniques on the rock, ice, and snow. Education is a powerful tool which will allow you to be more confident, competent and self-reliant partner on rock, ice, and snow.

Each women’s climbing program is led by female AMGA Certified Guides who are not only passionate teachers but the most highly respected, credentialed and experienced women in the industry. In all of our women’s climbing programs, our alchemy is performed in small groups.

We provide a supportive atmosphere that focuses on each woman’s ability and potential to take their skills to the next level. Our women’s rock climbing and skiing programs have structure and progression. This progression is methodical with an exceptional track record of success. Read more

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    They were able to support and encourage a diverse group of climbers. The skill set within the group was varied yet each participant learned new skills and advanced as a climber. We all got individual attention and acted as a group. The whole experienced felt relaxed yet efficient, and the instructors encouraged each of us to push our boundaries. The whole experience was wonderful and I felt like they gave me some wonderful tools that continue to help me as a climber. At the end they told us they wanted to continue being a resource for us beyond the course and gave us their contact information if we ever needed any advice.


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    They've empowered me to be an independent outdoorswoman and have awarded me with a unique once and a lifetime opportunity to climb The Grand Teton. They have a unique ability to push you out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to your fullest potential.

    Jenn C.

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    I first saw Red Rocks NV, briefly, as I was escaping an overnight in Las Vegas and have wanted to return there to explore the beautiful rock formations ever since. A few months ago - a flyer for "Chicks Climbing & Skiing" clinics showed up on the wall at my climbing gym with a 4 day clinic at Red Rocks. I was very interested and signed up -- and made an epic road trip out of it. ...

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