Brittany Policastro

Yoga Instructor

Founded and directed by Brittany Policastro, all of Beyond Asana’s training, courses, and classes, both live and virtually, are created to empower deep growth, conscious healing and powerful transformation in every area of your life.Beyond Asana gives yogis, change agents and conscious leaders the tools to move their yoga practice from the physical into the deeply emotional, energetic and spiritual and in turn, transform your life and live on purpose in every area of your life. Read more

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    Brittany Policastro goes above and beyond as a yoga instructor and meditative life coach. She helps to take you to the peak of your discomfort zone, instilling trust, respect and confidence that offers her student the ability to come to their edge and overcome what blocks them. A true inspiration to her yoga community, students and human beings all over. She is a gentle spirit that is owed ten times over the love and kindness she effortlessly offers to us all.