Bridget Flynn

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I commit to the client's vision and develop + execute a strategy for achievement. This is done by:
- examining how a client uses her existing space compared to how she wants to use it
- helping a client to understand how space/s can be best utilized based on lifestyle
- identifying + streamlining extraneous steps in existing routines
- optimizing rooms for space and efficiency Read more

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    We highly recommend Bridget for home organization work. She's very thoughtful, prompt, and professional, with a bit of humor that made our pantry more fun than we would have (e.g., "funny flours" as a label on my bin of flax, almond, coconut, lentil, and other flours).

    Bridget came recommended via PVForum — a few people had worked with her and had great things to say. We just finished a remodel and I hit a mental roadblock. The new kitchen was different than the old kitchen, and I was just stuck trying to figure out where everything should go and starting to really stress out about it. The thought of paying someone else hundreds of dollars to sort the issue out started to seem a lot more reasonable considering how much time I was spending getting nowhere.

    I emailed Bridget and heard back within two hours, which is a great sign to me — if I don't hear back I'll just move on to the next person. We coordinated a walkthrough where she came over, assessed the available space, the layout, the goods, and interviewed me about how I use my kitchen, how we cook, how our minds group things (really important!), what things are in flux and what aren't, and so on. A few days later she came back with two bags of containers and organizers in hand and got to work. I stayed around working from home in case she had any questions, which happened a few times, like "which oil do you use most?". Four hours later everything was in cabinets, organized, and labeled. And the best part is that she planned ahead of time for our son to be able to reach his snack drawer. Everything appears organized in a way that works with the way we work, and far better than we would have done (she knew that tiny lazy susans existed and put them in small, deep spaces where reaching back would have been annoying. Overall we are very happy with her service and find this to be well worth it. Her rates are totally reasonable considering how much time it saved me.

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    Kikicoconuts R.

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    Bridget came to my house to help me reorganize my room. At first I was a little hesitant to hire a personal organizer because I had a lot to do and I could see how easily it would be to blow right through my budget. Bridget made sure to discuss with me what I wanted out of my experience, what my ultimate goals were, and how much I wanted to spend. She gave me the option to work together, or have her organize on her own. ... By the time we were done I felt like Bridget went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and my space was organized in the best way for me. I highly recommend Bridget's services, especially to anyone who has never tried a personal organizer or have had a bad experience in the past. She will take care of you and make sure you are satisfied with the results!

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    Lindsey P.

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    Bridget was a beam of welcome light during a time when I had to finish up a very tough move. I was stuck, frustrated, and emotional. Not only did she organize everything and help it flow easily, she made it enjoyable and kept me calm (four of those words I've never used in a sentence when I think about moving). Bridget's ability to efficiently get it done all while being supportive, kind, and compassionate is a gift. I look forward to utilizing her services again in the future!

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