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Be sure, your phone is carried by professionals. We understand that people, like us, cannot go without their cell phones, iPhones, iPads, for long periods of time, so we make sure that everything is done as fast as possible with minimal downtime.

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    Amy L.

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    Where to even begin.

    Well, my screen (IPhone 6s) and my husband (iPhone 6splus) had screens in dire need of repair.

    I called these guys up, they gave us an amazing price quote. Usually I ask around if they offer fire/military/police discounts since my husband is a firefighter. The price they gave me, I didn't even bother asking, it was already such a great deal.
    I asked these guys if they wanted some coffee and they declined (next time I won't accept no for an answer guys!)
    They were finished with both phones in 40minutes.
    On top of that they noticed my work phone (6s plus) has a small crack and they put a glass screen protector on it for free. Just to be nice.
    Who does that?
    Also, we have two young kids that came in that they interacted so nicely with.

    These guys are great. I waited to review because I thought with such a great deal and service maybe the phone would be messed up or something. But, it's been 2 weeks. Our phones are working perfectly and they have nice intact screens.

    Customer service here was incredible.
    Pricing was unbeatable.

    Thank you both so much. I really appreciate you and will be taking my phones here from here on out, and recommending you to my friends and family and other firefighters.

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    Itay kahaner

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    I came in because my wife's iPhone 6 was not charging and she had not backed it up. The tech quoted me$40.
    I had tried to repair it myself but figured I was doing something wrong so I took it to the shop.
    The tech replaced 2 different charging ports and the battery, all withing 45mins, before informing me the motherboard was bad.
    I explained I only needed to extract the data as my wife already had a new phone.
    The tech told me he could place a new battery in the phone so I could make the transfer and then he would take the battery back.
    There was a lot of data to transfer all it took the whole day. The tech sent me screenshot updates and when it was all done HE DIDN'T WANT TO CHARGE ME A DIME!
    I have him$20 as I felt that was fair.
    I would highly recommend this shop!!!
    Very nice. Very knowledgeable. And very honest.

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    Melodie G.

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    The gentleman that helped me a few months ago was absolutely AMAZING! He was friendly, answered all my questions as it was his very own phone. This place did not try to get more money out of me. They genuinely wanted to fix what I needed them to fix and that was my shattered screen.
    No yellow screen! No bubbles on the screen protector. My phone was back in PERFECT shape when I got it back.
    The best part is that it only took him 30 mins at the most to do it!!! And their price is the best I've seen!! So glad I went here!

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    DanD Thinkers

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    Phenomenal experience. I highly recommend to anyone who has any phone issues to bring it to these guys. The man I met with spent 15 minutes on my girlfriend's screen and replaced it and made it look better than new. The the best part was that the price was cheap, significantly cheaper than I was expecting. I had to come back because the camera and ear piece weren't working (I dropped it really hard on hard ground, it was my fault, not theirs) and they went out of their way to take the extra time to figure out what was wrong with it and now it's even better than before I dropped it. 100% recommend to anyone and everyone who has issues with their phone.

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    Alexander C.

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    Quick, friendly, courteous, and down right awesome!

    We shopped around for the best prices and craftsmanship and we ended up going with these guys.

    We brought them an iPhone 6+, iPad 2, and an iPad Air 2 to repair the cracked screens. All fixed within a reasonable time frame!

    Highly recommend this place!

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