Avant Gardener, LLC


Avant Gardener specializes in urban commercial, high-rise, and condominium garden design, installation, and maintenance. We strive to produce large company results while remaining a small company that is passionate about what we do each day. Each of our Avant Gardeners come together with different strengths to form a team that is in constant communication and remains detail oriented.

Avant Gardener’s main focus is to provide excellent service and establish long-term relationships with our clients. We strive to continue to be a “word of mouth” company, meaning our only marketing is done by our clients based on their experiences with us. To us, this means that we will do whatever it takes to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations each and every day. Read more

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    Cameron Dawson Fears

    Shared on facebook.com

    Avant Gardener provides an array of services--all of which are absolutely wonderful! Their team is truly a joy to work with and they have been more than willing to meet any of our building's needs and budget. Kate has put several things together for us last minute and we have greatly appreciated her work. Everything she has done for us has always looked amazing! In addition to providing beautiful landscaping and floral arrangements, they have done our Holiday Decor every year and it is always just as great as everything else they do. I would absolutely highly recommend Avant Gardener for any of your holiday and indoor/outdoor landscaping needs!!!

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    Rebecca O.

    Shared on yelp.com

    I use Avant Gardener at a property I manage. This building has lots of green space, and lots of plants, flower, grass, etc. to maintain. AG does an awesome job.

    One thing that is really nice with AG is their attention to detail. They take a look of pride in their work, and it shows.

    ... For example, we had a "mysterious white substance" on one area of land, in which someone's dog got into. Of course, the owner wanted to know what it was in case it was poisonous. I asked Rick if he knew, and he found out what it was (a specific pollen), and also cleaned it up free of charge.

    ... Just having a person I can reach out to with any issues is a huge advantage over larger companies like Gibbs. AG really knows how to dress up your property.

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