Amy Jackson

Design Recruiter

Dr. Seuss said that and it is a great way to think about your life and your career.I specialize in matching great designers with great startups. My mountain is finding and making those great matches for the benefit of all involved.You know you are happy at your work if you whistle on your way there but more importantly, if you still are whistling on your way home. The best company is not the best for you unless you are happy. Find out what makes you happy, find that mountain, and go climb it. Read more

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    I've worked with Amy since 2011. She's been excellent representing me and helping to form my career trajectory. She truly understands individual skill sets and strengths of the UX designers and leaders whom she works for.

    Beyond that, she recognizes the UX Designers preferences for type of project, environment, product verticals, work style, etc. She understands when a client won't be a good fit for a designer (and vice versa) and always works to connect the right designer with the right clients. I highly recommend connecting with her since she always has an ear to the ground for next opportunities for UX'ers

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    Short version: Amy's a "recruiter" who follows designers through their careers and helps them grow.

    Long version: Amy's been a constant in my design career since Jason Putorti, design lead at Mint, introduced us in 2008. In a sea of "Hey $firstName I love your $skillset" template-driven recruiters, Amy reversed the model and was the first (i knew of) in Silicon Valley to represent the talent instead of the companies trying to place. She advocates for the designer and helps them find the right role, placing them in different interviews across different companies, whereas the traditional model is for a recruiter to cast a wide net and source many applicants. She had her ear to the ground and was recruiting before Beats was even called Beats, placed people into everything from Square to Samsung, and even just mentors and helps advise designers she's never placed in a role. Most of the designers I know have at least one conversation with Amy before moving on to their next gig, and many of them find a role with her help.